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Extension Lectures
4th - Mar 2017


Our extra -curricular activities take account of extension lectures, debate, exposure programmes for different groups.The B.Th and Philosophy students together with two of the staff members participated a Symposium on Thomas Aquinas on the event of the 800 years Jubilee of Dominicans on 7th July 2016. Dr. David Bellusci OP was the resource person to the occasion. On July 8thDr.Gilbert Choondal SDB enlightened us on MisericordiaVultus through meaningful power point presentation. His talk was highlighted by Taize prayer and stations of Mercy.   Dr. Stephan Jayard from Papal Seminary Pune dealt on the theme “Better half; Man or woman? Reflections on the Cognitive Powers of Female Brain”. It made us to assess our abilities also to feel proud as women.  Another extension lecture was on “Time management”by Mr.SergioRebelloa lecturer in Management Studies, on 23rd September 2016.  He brought out the significance of doing things keeping in mind our priorities and motivation, through appropriate slides, and U-tube presentation.  Dr. John Karuvelil SJ a Moral theologian from JDV Pune spoke on the theme "The Dignity of Women and Elective Abortions in India, An Ethical Reflection".  He dealt on the abuse, abandonment and social neglect of girl children, and sex selective abortions through relevant power points and lectures.  The participants were called to reflect on the causes, consequences of such practices and remedies and the ethical issues it brings out.Dr. Archie Gonsalves OCD brought home to us “Amoris Letitia” the Apostolic Exhortation on Family on 15th February 2017.

On July 14, 2016 Dr.Jayard organised a debate for the Philosophy students on the theme the Future of the Religion bright or bleak?  Students were helped to present their views for and against it, and such efforts enabled them to reflect and draw conclusions objectively.

Extension Lectures

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