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Mater dei academy
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Resident staff

There are seven sisters on the resident staff from seven different Congregations. 

Sr. Regis Kizhakevattom SRA ..  Biblical Theology,Masters,JDV Pune, (Superior)

Sr. Jeya Tharakan CHF  (Treasurer)

Sr. Clare Purakary HM,   Missiology, Doctorate, Rome  (Librarian cum Coordinator of Studies)

Sr. Annette SCSC,   Diploma, Formator's course, (Directeress Formators course  cum Asst. Superior)

Sr. Ediwige SAT,   Spiritual Theology, Doctorate, Rome,(Registrar cum Directress of certificate course in Theology)

Sr. Sini Sebastian CMC, Fundamental Theology, Rome, (  Directress of Philosophy & B.Th)

Sr. Theresa Kujur DDB,  Mess in Charge 


Resident staff

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