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Mater dei academy
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Courses offered
20th - Jan 2020

1. Diploma in Theology for the Temporary Professed - The special feature of this course is to prepare the Junior Sisters for their remote or distant preparation for the Final Commitment.

2. Diploma in Theology for the Perpetually Professed - This course is designed only for Perpetually Professed Sisters, who desire to deepen their theological, spiritual, psychological knowledge and grow holistically.

3. Diploma in Animation Programme for Formators - The emphasis of the course is to enable women religious to assume responsibility as formators and animators in their respective Congregations.

4. Two Year Course in Philosophy (Biennium Philosophicum) - This course is designed to prepare sisters seeking to pursue Theology, by instilling in them the thirst for wisdom, critical reasoning and ability to make sound judgment.

N.B: The Plan of Studies as inspired by the directives of ‘VeritatisGaudium’, the 2017 Apostolic Constitution of Pope Francis, it is decided that those aspiring to pursue their Bachelor Degree in Theology (BTh), must complete Two Years of course in Philosophy. Hence, it is mandatory that Institute Mater Dei, Affiliated to Jnana-DeepaVidyapeeth follows the same.

5. Bachelor Degree in Theology - This course helps Sisters to reflect upon and train themselves to articulate the different tenets of the Christian faith meaningfully and lay a firm foundation in the matters of faith as espoused by the Church Magisterium.


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