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Mater dei academy
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Inauguration of Academic year 2013-14
15th - Jan 2019

On 8th June 2013, Institute Mater Dei Inaugurated its 50th Academic year.  The day began with a prayer service organised by the liturgy team, which is followed by the Inaugural Holy Mass officiated by Most Rev. Archbishop Felipe Neri Ferrao at 8 am.  After the Holy Mass  the inaugural function began.  In his inaugural address he exhorted the students to be humble, helpful, and hopeful, that is to have three "H"s in life and to practice humility, to reach out to others in service, to live in hope.

This year IMD wants to dwell on the theme "Be Witnesses of Jesus Christ In Today's Context" thus tokeep in line  with the universal church.    

In this academic year Institute Mater Dei has 120 students from 43 Congregations, who are from the different parts of India.  They are participants of one year certificate course (69) one year formators course (25) , one year Philosophy  (8)  three years BTh  (18)

  • Our theme of the 
Academic year
  • Our Archbishop is 
welcomed by 
offering a Tilak
  • A moment of Silence 
before the Entrance 
  • Entrance dance and 
entrance procession
  • Arati at Doxology
  • Melodious voices of 
the Choir group
  • A significant 
moment at the altar
  • The IMD Family at 
the Inaugural Mass
  • A symbolic 
representation of 
the Theme in the 
Inaugural session
  • The Dignitaries 
Inaugural function
  • The Lighting of the 
Lamp by the 
  • A prayer dance to 
invoke the 
blessings from 
the Lord
  • the inaugural 
  • The Audience at the 
inaugural function
  • A Skit on the theme 
of the year
  • The president
  • IMD Anthem
  • A cup of tea at the 
close of Inaugural 
A session with 
the President of 
IMD after the 

Academic Year

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