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Mater dei academy
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Vision, Mission and Objectives
15th - Jan 2019

The goal of  Institute Mater Dei  is to help women - lay and religious - 'to grow unto the fullness of Christ' (Eph 4:13), and to equip themselves for their spiritual and prophetic role, enabling them to integrate apostolic experience with Christian faith life. The Institute emphasizes deepening of religious commitment and the opening out to new forms of apostolic services to meet the changing needs of the Church and society according to the signs of the times.

To grow unto the fullness of Jesus Christ and to mediate His vision that all may have life in abundance.

To make this vision a reality, Institute  Mater Dei 

  • assists women in their human growth and development;
  • enables them to be committed disciples and friends of Jesus;
  • deepens their theological formation to integrate faith commitment with apostolic service;
  • equips themthrough theological and philosophical reflection for their spiritual and prophetic role in the Church and Society in the context of contemporary realities;
  • empowers them to explore creatively new possibilities to make their own contribution to create a new social order based on the values of the Kingdom of God.


  • To be the signs of the Kingdom of God through interiorization of the vision of Christ;
  • To grow in communion with God, self, others, and cosmos;
  • To make a systematic, critical and in-depth study of the consecrated life with reference to the scripture, teachings of the Church, and contemporary realities;
  • To facilitate an on- going theological reflection on the concerns of the universal Church and Church in India, contextualizing the learning process;
  • To promote scientific study and research of the cultural, moral, socio-political, religious and philosophical heritage of India, with special reference to women;
  • To integrate study and praxis in order to respond compassionately to social realities;
  • To develop a participative-collaborative leadership in the Church and Society.


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